After I Sell My House for Cash, Can I Rent it Back?

It’s been well established that selling your home for cash can be incredibly beneficial. However, even with as great of a process as this, there are still times when things could go wrong. If you find yourself unable to move out upon selling your home, consider this option. Be Aware of the Timeline The first … Continued

How Fast is the Closing Process When I Sell for Cash?

Many times, when homeowners are trying to sell their homes, they want to do so as quickly as possible. Whether they’re struggling financially or starting a new job in another place, they want to sell quickly. To do so, consider selling your home to a home buying company. Finding a Buyer Finding a buyer is … Continued

Sell Your House As-Is For Cash!

One of the ways to ensure that you can sell your home as quickly as possible is by selling it as-is. Selling as-is helps ease the stress of selling your home, and saves you money during the process. Read on to learn the best way to sell your home as-is. Why Sell As-Is No home … Continued

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Your Home for Cash?

Selling your home has been known to be a stressful process, especially when you consider the money you need to invest to do so. Selling your home isn’t free, and can in fact be incredibly expensive. Read on to learn how to save money when selling your home. Real Estate Agent Commission The first main … Continued

Home Maintenance You Might Be Forgetting

It’s easy to forget about home maintenance when you’re busy with work, school, and other obligations. But neglecting your home can lead to bigger problems down the road. These are some of the most common home maintenance tasks that are often forgotten. Flush Your Water Heater One home maintenance task that often gets forgotten is … Continued

How Quickly Can I Sell My Home for Cash?

One of the most frustrating parts of selling your home is the uncertain timetable. However, there is a way to guarantee that you sell your home quickly. Selling your home for cash to a home buying company allows you to sell your home in a matter of days. Request an Offer in Minutes Traditionally, before … Continued

Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

Any homeowner that has ever had to sell a home knows that the process can be frustrating. There are many factors that can make the sale a failure, and make it take longer than it should. However, selling your home for cash allows you to skip all the stress and go straight to the benefits. … Continued

Why You Should Complete Your Backyard Remodel

When it comes to remodeling, most people focus their efforts on the interior of their home. However, there’s more to your home than that. Your backyard is a big part of your property and deserves some attention as well. Completing a backyard remodel is certainly worth it. Improve Home Value When making any changes to … Continued

What is a Home Buying Company?

Many people may have heard of the process of selling their homes for cash. However, most may not know that the best way to do so is by selling to a home buying company. Read on to learn what makes selling to these companies so beneficial. How These Companies Work Many people may be unfamiliar … Continued

If I Sell My Home for Cash, Can I Rent it Back Afterwards?

Selling your home can be a source of great relief, but may also bring added stress if your timeline isn’t lining up. If you’ve sold your home, but haven’t found somewhere else to live yet, you may be stressed. However, it is possible to rent back your home after selling it to a home buying … Continued