The Buy/Sell Process Video Series – Chamberlayne Ave Series 1

The Buy/Sell Process Video Series - Chamberlayne Ave Series 1
Hey, this is Forrest with Forrest Buys Houses and today I want to take you guys on the first tour of the house that we’re going to be renovating this winter to go on the market in May. These homeowners were getting a divorce. They had to sell quickly. They had to pay off some debt. We gave a price that they accepted and put some money in their pocket, paid off their debt, and it allows them to have a fresh start. So we’re going to renovate this house. We got to clean it out, it’s full of furniture. They just left pretty much everything they had in here. And we’re going to renovate it, we’re going to stage it, and we’re going to sell it and you guys are going to see the whole process.

And it’s going to be a complete evolution of one of our projects, and you can see how we help the homeowners that needed to get out of their problem. And we create a new, healthy, clean house for new homeowners that want to make new memories. So follow along with and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.
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