The Buy/Sell Process – Chamberlayne Avenue Video Series #3

The Buy Sell Process Chamberlayne Ave Series 3
Check out our latest in The Buy / Sell Video Series as Forrest explains what is being done with the outside of our current flip. He shares his insight and approach to remodeling a home. Please SHARE this video on your social media and thanks for watching. Don’t forget, when you are ready to sell your home, call Forrest!
Forrest McGhee:
Hey, this is Forrest with So this is a follow-up video to our renovation progress. So we’ve looked at the inside. We’ve shown you guys the progress that we’ve done there with the demolition, the upgrades of the modern convenience to the central air system, the [inaudible 00:00:21] that we’re doing, the pantry upgrades that we’re doing.

So now I wanted to show you guys the progress of the house outside and what we’ve done out here. So you guys can look up at the top and you can see that we put a new 30-year roof on the house. We don’t cover up shingles. We take the shingles off and we put the new paper down, new ice and water shield down. And then we put the new dimensional shingles on there, and then that way it gives it a pretty good look.

And then we went ahead and wrapped the whole house in a new siding. And I have to admit, I did this color a couple of years ago for another investor friend that I was general contracting for, and I really liked the colors.

On these older houses. You’ll see that it had railings here and it had railings attached to the wall and they were the old iron railings. But modern code says that you only need railings for something over 30 inches tall. So what we like to do is if we can get away with it, we like to take the railings off because it totally cleans up the outside of the house. And these old railings aren’t safe to begin with, because as you can see, they were rusted and we would have to put new pockets in there and go to all that trouble, where there really is no trouble here. And there’s no hazard because we’re going to the modern code anyway of keeping the right height. So I think it just cleans up the house and makes it look so much better.

So we can go around here. You can see the dumpster. By the way, SB Cox has got the cheapest dumpsters in town. So if you’re doing a lot of dumpsters, like we are, this is our fourth dumpster on this job. So that’s on the high side. All right.

So we walked around here. We took out some of these bushes that were too much. We left these nice looking [inaudible 00:02:17] bushes. And you guys can see that the siding was going pretty well. This is the air conditioner outdoor unit. But one of the details that you look for with siding is you look for the wraps to be good. And you look for when they do the J-channel that they actually 45 the J-channels and don’t just butt them together, or overlap them like that. So this guy did a good job.

We’re still cleaning up the back. This is one major impact that we did here. If you guys can see, the original deck came out to where the paint line was there and there. And in order to get the utilities in and to save money, we decided to reduce the size of the deck considerably. So we took the deck and basically made it 25% of what it used to be. And so we’ll be able to resurface that deck properly with new boards, but we won’t spend a lot of money with it. So it’ll be new handrails, it’s the new steps, we’re going to do new deck boards. It’ll be safe, it’ll be clean, it’ll be enough for a family to go grill on. They won’t have to walk down the stairs with their food, but it saves everybody money. It’s just the right way to do it if you can.

And so, now we have the crawl space access. It doesn’t need to get all the way under the deck to go in there. It’s hard enough to get in there anyway, might as well make it as easy as possible.

I appreciate you guys following us on Forrest Buys Houses. If we can help you in any situation that you have, where you have a house that you just no longer want it, we’re here to help, and you can give us a call or you can reach out to us on the website and we’ll help you out. So Y’all have a great day and stay tuned for the next progress video. Thank you. Bye-bye
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