CVA Homes and help a family solve their real estate problem in Waynesboro, Virginia, and here’s how they did it!

Tom and Sherry contacted us about the desire to sell their house, we arranged an appointment and I went to visit with them and understand their issues and provide a winning solution. They were relocating and their house needed a lot of repairs and they did not have the money needed to make the repairs, relocate and continue to pay their bills. Our solution was to purchase their house quickly with no repairs needed, rent the house back to them until they could find somewhere new to live without the stress of this house burden, and this is how our creative solution was a great decision for Tom and Sherry.

Tom and Sherry did not need to spend any money or time in repairing the house, we took the property in an existing poor condition and they were able to plan for the future and not have to spend their savings or take out a loan just to try and fix their property to sell it. They received their equity at closing, this allowed them to use their money from their sale to look for another property. They were not in a time crisis; they could take their time and find a new property that was a good fit for their family.

They also were able to leave anything in the house that they did not want to take with them, we cleaned out all of the items that they could not take; we found new homes for many of the items by donating them to other families in need and the trash was removed.

Our business model provides tremendous value for communities and blesses many people. 

  • The sellers are able to move on to a new life season.
  • Other families receive free items that they need to live such as free appliances, yard tools, building materials, furniture, and even a piano.
  • Contractors are able to earn a living for their families by renovating this property, improving its value, and making a safe and lovely home for a new family.
  • The new homeowner will love their new home, raise their family, and make great new memories.
  • All neighborhood homeowners benefit from higher home values by our team improving this house.
  • Our staff has meaningful employment and CVA Homes will be able to reinvest our earnings to find other homeowners in similar situations that need to sell their home, too.
  • Lastly, our lending partners are regular people like you and me that choose to invest their personal retirement accounts in real estate, growing their retirement accounts with asset-based investing.

Thank you for your time. We trust you find value in our business model, so contact us if you would like more information on how you too, could improve lives in your community.

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